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Parsing XKB files with antlr

antlr (well, antlr3) is an amazing tool that replaces lex/flex, yacc/bison. One would use antlr3 if they want to deal with Domain-Specific Languages (DSL), an example of which are the text configuration files. In our case, we use antlr3 to parse some of the XKB configuration files, those found in /etc/X11/xkb/symbols/??. Our aim is to …

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Using Anjuta in Ubuntu 8.04 to develop a GNOME C++ application (gtkmm)

You can install Anjuta 2.4.1 from the Synaptic package manager. You also need to install a few development packages. I do not know if there is a nice meta-package such as build-essential (used to install compilers et al), so I’ll just ask you to install the packages by hand. A more elegant way would be …

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FOSDEM ’08, summary and comments

I attended FOSDEM ’08 which took place on the 23rd and 24th of February in Brussels. Compared to other events, FOSDEM is a big event with over 4000 (?) participants and over 200 lectures (from lightning talks to keynotes). It occupied three buildings at a local university. Many sessions were taking place at the same …

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OpenVistA information system for hospitals and medical care

It is quite common to expect the availability of free and open-source software for common needs, such as an operating system and an office suite. What is the situation when your needs are much more advanced? Such as, when you are looking for an information system for a hospital? Luckily, there is such a software …

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Παρωχημένα πράγματα

παρωχημένος -η -ο [paroiménos] E3 : που ανήκει στο παρελθόν: O ιστορικός μελετά παρωχημένες εποχές. || (γραμμ.) Παρωχημένη λέξη / έκφραση. Παρωχημένη σημασία / χρήση μιας λέξης, που υπήρχε παλαιότερα. || (γραμμ.) ~ χρόνος, συντελεσμένος. [λόγ. < αρχ. παρῳχημένος (γραμμ.: ελνστ. σημ.)] Πηγή: http://www.komvos.edu.gr/dictionaries/dictonline/DictOnLineTri.htm Υπάρχει συζήτηση στη λίστα i18ngr για το αν είναι κατάλληλη η …

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Είσαι προγραμματιστής;

Το Google διοργανώνει Διαγωνισμό Πληροφορικής αυτό το μήνα, το Google Code Jam Europe. Ο διαγωνισμός διεξάγεται μέσω Διαδικτύου μέσα από μια ενδιαφέρουσα πλατφόρμα. Γραφτείτε τώρα και έχετε τη δυνατότητα να δοκιμάσετε την πλατφόρμα με προβλήματα-δείγματα. Only four of the 48 best computer programmers in the world are Americans, at least according to a computer-programming competition …

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