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Oct 03 2008

The Keyboard Layout Editor

Update Dec 2010: Get the latest version of the Keyboard Layout Editor from https://github.com/simos/keyboardlayouteditor (this entry is a repost, the original was lost in a database mishap.) As part of the 2008 GSoC program, I worked on a Keyboard Layout Editor for the X.Org Foundation. The Keyboard Layout Editor (KLE) is an application that allows …

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Jun 20 2008

Converting between XKB and XML

I completed the stage that takes keyboard layout files from XKB (X.Org) and converts them to XML documents, based on a keyboard layout Relax NG schema. Then, these XML documents can also be converted back to keyboard layout files. Here is an imaginary example of a keyboard layout file. // Keyboard layout for the Zzurope …

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Jun 11 2008

ANTLR grammar for XKB, and Relax NG schema (draft)

I completed the ANTLRv3 grammar for symbols/ configuration files of XKB. The grammar can parse and create the abstract syntax tree (AST) for all keyboard layouts in xkeyboard-config. ANTLRv3 helps you create parsers for domain specific languages (DSL), an example of which is the configuration files in XKB. Having the ANTLRv3 grammar for a configuration …

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May 28 2008

Looking into the symbol files

In the previous post, we talked about the ANTLR grammar that parses the XKB layout files. The grammar is available at http://code.google.com/p/keyboardlayouteditor/source/browse. I’ll rather push to the freedesktop repository once the project is completed. Now it’s too easy for me, just doing svn commit -m something. Below you can see the relevant layout files for …

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May 17 2008

Parsing XKB files with antlr

antlr (well, antlr3) is an amazing tool that replaces lex/flex, yacc/bison. One would use antlr3 if they want to deal with Domain-Specific Languages (DSL), an example of which are the text configuration files. In our case, we use antlr3 to parse some of the XKB configuration files, those found in /etc/X11/xkb/symbols/??. Our aim is to …

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Apr 30 2008

Keyboard Layout Editor GSOC project

I got accepted for a GSOC project with the X.Org Foundation. My mentor is Sergey Udaltsov and I look forward working with him. The project is about creating a Keyboard Layout Editor, that can be used to edit XKB files with a nice GUI. I will be blogging about these from here (fdo category at …

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Jan 08 2007

The OLPC and Greek

(oh, I am writing this through a lousy Net connection; thanks Engelados) I tried out the latest OLPC image, specifically build 218, on Qemu and my aim was to get Greek support configured, if it was not there already. The OLPC does not currently come with a good set of Greek fonts; you will need …

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Jun 12 2006

Can you read Coptic?

Coptic is the most recent phase of ancient Egyptian. It is the direct descendant of the ancient language written in Egyptian hieroglyphic, hieratic, and demotic scripts. The Coptic alphabet is a slightly modified form of the Greek alphabet, with some letters (which vary from dialect to dialect) deriving from demotic. As a living language of …

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Feb 25 2006

Δοκιμή της Fedora Core 5 test 3

Η γραμματοσειρά είναι η DejaVu 2.3 (ελεύθερη). Αυτό είναι το ελληνικό GNOME 2.13.x, που από τις προσπάθειες του Κώστα Παπαδήμα το βασικό του κομμάτι είναι πλήρως μεταφρασμένο. Μπορείτε να δείτε ότι με την προσθήκη της μικροεφαρμογής για τις Καιρικές Συνθήκες, επιλέγει αυτόματα την Αθήνα. Ακόμα, λόγω της πρόσφατης αλλαγής στο ελληνικό locale της glibc, τώρα …

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Feb 14 2006

Greek layout code in Xorg

The current X.org source uses gr instead of el for the Greek layout. The change took place 19 months ago, according to http://cvs.freedesktop.org/xlibs/xkbdesc/symbols/gr?view=log in an attempt to introduce consistency in the layout names. There is currently a discussion at Simoshttp://simos.info

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Aug 04 2005

Γράψιμο ελληνικών στο Linux (X.org), περί προσθήκης διορθώσεων

Το λογισμικό X.org (δυνατότητα για την απεικόνιση γραφικού περιβάλλοντος σε Linux) βρίσκεται σε μια μεταβατική περίοδο, που κάνει αρκετά δύσκολη την ενημέρωση της δυνατότητας γραψίματος ελληνικών. Συγκεκριμένα, υπάρχουν δύο συστήματα για το γράψιμο στην τοπική γλώσσα, το παλιό και το καινούριο. Λόγω της μετάβασης, δεν γίνονται ενημερώσεις στο παλιό σύστημα. Λόγω της μετάβασης, το νέο …

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Feb 24 2005

Γράψιμο ελληνικών μέσα από GNOME

Ενημέρωση 2010: Δείτε τις νεώτερες οδηγίες στο How to type Greek, Greek Polytonic in Linux. Το να γράψουμε τώρα ελληνικά σε Linux είναι ό,τι πιο εύκολο. Οι παρακάτω οδηγίες είναι για πολύ παλιά έκδοση του Linux και δεν τις συνιστούμε πια. Υπάρχουν διάφοροι τρόποι να γράψει κανείς ελληνικά στο X.org. Εδώ θα δούμε τον τρόπο …

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