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The Ubuntistas magazine (in Greek)

Ubuntistas is an e-magazine by Ubuntu-gr, the Greek Ubuntu community. This is the 9th issue of Ubuntistas for May-June-July. You can click on the image above and have a look at the issue. The text should look Greek to you 🙂 but you can get the gist of the content. The contributors for the 9th …

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Μετατροπή συντεταγμένων μεταξύ WGS 84 (π.χ. GPS) και ΕΓΣΑ87 (GGRS87, GR87, ελληνικό σύστημα)

Οι συντεταγμένες που γνωρίζουμε από τους χάρτες και τα συστήματα GPS ακολουθούν το πρότυπο WGS 84. Στην Ελλάδα σε κάποιες υπηρεσίες γίνεται χρήση του ΕΓΣΑ87 (GGRS87). Πως κάνουμε τη μετατροπή μεταξύ WGS 84 και ΕΓΣΑ87 (GGRS87, GR87); Επιβεβαιώνουμε ότι έχουμε εγκαταστήσει το πακέτο proj (sudo apt-get install proj). Για το proj, ο κωδικός για WGS84 …

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Dreamhost coupons for free domains

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Converting between XKB and XML

I completed the stage that takes keyboard layout files from XKB (X.Org) and converts them to XML documents, based on a keyboard layout Relax NG schema. Then, these XML documents can also be converted back to keyboard layout files. Here is an imaginary example of a keyboard layout file. // Keyboard layout for the Zzurope …

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I am writing this in the morning of the second day (posted at the end of the second day). Just had breakfast and there is a bit of time before making it to the conference venue. Yesterday Sunday, was the first of the two days of warm-up for the GUADEC conference. At 11am the registration …

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Firefox shortcuts in Linux on non-us keyboard layout, and Greek

You tried to use the common keyboard shortcuts in the Linux version of Firefox, with a keyboard layout other than us, and you realised they do not work. For example, Ctrl-C does not work when the Greek keyboard layout is active because Firefox receives Ctrl-Ψ (which is undefined). This is a well-known problem affecting keyboard …

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