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Μαθήματα γλώσσας προγραμματισμού Python στα ελληνικά

Στο φόρουμ του Ubuntu-gr έχουν ξεκινήσει μαθήματα για τη γλώσσα προγραμματισμού Python.

Το πρώτο μάθημα είναι για τη ρύθμιση του περιβάλλοντος Python στο σύστημά σας, οπότε μπορείτε εύκολα να λάβετε μέρος και να παρακολουθήσετε τα επόμενα βήματα.

Μέσω του φόρουμ του Ubuntu-gr γίνεται και η μετάφραση στα ελληνικά ενός οδηγού εκμάθησης της γλώσσας Python, που θα χρησιμοποιηθεί ως ύλη για τα μαθήματα. Η μετάφραση έχει σχεδόν ολοκληρωθεί.

Δείτε τα μαθήματα Python του φόρουμ Ubuntu-gr.

Ο Κώστας Τσακάλογλου αναφέρθηκε στα μαθήματα αυτά πριν λίγες μέρες.

Greek lessons

Learning Greek

This session was part of the bazaar events and I offered to teach basic Greek. I was a bit late to get there and as soon as I arrived, I grabbed some biscuits and waited at my teaching area. Soon afterwards, participants started to gather and we went on to the Greek Alphabet.

The Greek alphabet

I started with writing the Greek alphabet. First the consonants and then the vowels. I was particularly surprised that it was easy to pronounce the letters. For every one of the consonants there was a person that could pronounce it perfectly. Vowels were easy as well, as several letters fold to the same sound (Eee, and Ooo).


I was worried that I did not have handy Susan’s matrix. However, it was easy to pronounce anyway.

The vowels are


Sample Greek words

Here it shows some sample Greek words. To make words is simply an issue of pairing up consonants and vowels. As soon as I finished writing a word, everyone could pronounce it without assistance. The opposite, write the word I pronounce worked as well.

I noticed that focusing on Greek capital letters helps to get people motivated to learn Greek. In addition, avoiding complex words in the beginning is good to get the confidence high.

Is Greek an easy language to learn, or were the students really good?

Free/Open Source Software Localization Primer Published

UNDP-APDIP’s International Open Source Network has produced a primer on
Free/Open Source Software Localization.

Download the primer: FOSS Localization Primer (pdf format – 1.3MB)

June 6th 2005

This primer provides a broad perspective on the localization of
Free/Open Source Software (FOSS) for the benefit of policy- and
decision-makers in developing countries. It highlights the benefits and
strategies of FOSS localization, along with case studies from various
countries that are on the road to software freedom.

The primer begins with an introduction to localization and the benefits
of choosing FOSS over proprietary software. The next section provides a
survey of initiatives and efforts in localization of FOSS within the
Asia-Pacific region, including best practices and lessons learned
specifically in countries such as Viet Nam, Thailand, Cambodia, India
and Malaysia. The primer also provides three case studies of
localization efforts in Thailand, Lao PDR and Cambodia, as well as
recommendations on technical issues, resource allocation, skills and
tools, implementation, costs and language considerations.

To help localizers get started, two annexes regarding key concepts and
the technical aspects of localization are provided. These are intended
for project managers and implementers who are planning software
localization projects.

This primer an of the International Open Source Network and initiative
of UNDP’s Asia-Pacific Development Information Programme and supported
by the International Development Research Center (IDRC).

The primer is released under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.0
license (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/)


Sunil Abraham
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India : Tel: (91-80) 51150580

Αρχείο: foss-localization-primer.pdf
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