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Ubuntu Font Beta and Greek

Screenshot-Waterfall DejaVu Polytonic

Update: All open bugs for this font at https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntufontbetatesting/+bugs File your bug. Currently there bugs relating to Greek, 1. Letter γ ((U03B3) has an untypical style 2.  In letters with YPOGEGRAMMENI, YPOGEGRAMMENI is expected to be under not on the right and 3. Many Greek small letters have untypical style Here we see some samples …

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How to type Greek, Greek Polytonic in Linux

Update 2010: Please see the docs.google.com edition of the guide as it has the latest material. See link below. There is a new guide on how to write Greek and Greek Polytonic in Linux, and in particular using the latest versions of Linux distributions. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1oiK5KraVvob6fAEhcVjwI99RlWtnBLiSGgDFs96qrbk/edit?usp=sharing (LATEST VERSION) The guide shows in detail how to add the …

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Ενημερωμένος οδηγός γραφής ελληνικών (και πολυτονικό)

Ενημέρωσα τον οδηγό για το γράψιμο ελληνικών (και πολυτονικό) και είναι διαθέσιμος από τη σελίδα https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Xv-yrZp1oxvUiQ-h2rh__ot_wEkM0RuiTXOejNJzRag/edit?usp=sharing Ο οδηγός περιγράφει τη δυνατότητα γραφής μονοτονικού, πολυτονικού και αρχαίων ελληνικών χαρακτήρων. Ο οδηγός αυτός διορθώνει μια σειρά από αβλεψίες στις οδηγίες. Ο οδηγός ισχύει για τις διανομές Fedora 11 (ή νεώτερες), Ubuntu Linux 9.04 (ή νεώτερες) και άλλες …

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Updated to Ubuntu 8.10

I just updated my system to Ubuntu 8.10. Since I had a separate partition for /home, I opted to actually reinstall while retaining the files in /home. The rest of the post is a laundry list of tips. I could not find a blank CD or CDRW, so I opted to write the installation 8.10 …

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Οδηγός πολυτονικού – Write Greek Polytonic

Update 10th May 2009: If you have Ubuntu 9.04 (or Fedora 11), Greek and Greek Polytonic works out of the box with the default Greek layout. For more, see https://blog.simos.info/archives/888 The rest of this blog post remains only for historical purposes and does not apply any more. Update 17th Nov 2008: If you have Ubuntu …

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StixFonts, finally available (beta)!

The STIX Fonts project (website) has been developing for over 10 years a font suitable to be used in academic publications. It boasts support from Elsevier, IEEE and other academic publishers or associations. A few days ago, they published a beta version of the font in an effort to get public feedback. The beta period …

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