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Today is a special day for Internet domain specialists. Specifically, the .eu domain is on sale for all citizens and companies of the EU.

EURid is the focal point for the whole process. You can find a list of accredited registrars for the .eu domain, the current registration status of .eu domains, a guide on how to get an .eu domain.

Currently, Greece has completed 4324 registrations which is less than 1% of the total registrations.

There is a list of blocked names that cannot be registered (for example, geographical names). Here you can see that a good percentage of the names are from Greece. This is good. However, several of the Greek names are in the genitive case, such as lesvou instead of the more appropriate lesvos. If you are from Greece and you would like to activate a reserved name, you have to follow a special procedure.

Who is the cheapest accredited registrar for an .eu domain?

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    • CHaNaS on April 11, 2006 at 16:29
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    Που σε χανω που σε βρισκω, οτι πετρα να σηκωσεις ενα Σιμο εχει απο κατω 😉

  1. Γεια σου CHaNaS!
    Χρόνια και ζαμάνια!

    Πως και δεν έχεις τόνους; [http://simos.info/blog/?p=441];

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