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Planet EL/LAK (πλανήτης) is a blog aggregator of Greek-speaking users that work on free and open-source software. Though the users speak Greek, it is OK to write in English as well.

We started in 2004 at http://xnum.sourceforge.net/PlanetHellas/ and quickly realised we had to move somewhere else. We enjoyed hosting at hellug.gr and in February 2007 we moved to the current location, planet.ellak.gr.

In the free and open-source communities, the purpose of a planet is to provide a common location where one can read what the people behind the community are doing, thinking, and so on.

In planet.ellak.gr we use the venus variation of the Planet software. Quite shortly, venus will become the official Planet software.

The planet’s feed is being managed by Feedburner. When you access http://planet.ellak.gr/rss20.xml, you get a normalised feed from Feedburner.

The last three blogs added are

  1. Blog of Δημήτρης Τυπάλδος
  2. New blog of Athanasios Lefteris
  3. MyDrupal.gr Greek Drupal Community, (welcome to planet!)

We use Google Coop as a means to search the websites and blogs that are shown here. At the top-right of the planet you can see the special search box. If you read something interesting on the planet at some point in time, you can search it through this search box.

Our latest stats for August show that 50% of our visitors use free and open-source software.

Mozilla Firefox has a 80% lead and is the most popular browser. IE is down at 11% and the rest is distributed to many open-source browsers and also accesses from mobile devices.

The vast majority of the visitors (84%) come directly here (either bookmark, or just typing planet.ellak.gr or they just disabled referrers). 8% comes from search engines and the last 8% come from friendly websites (top referrers include www.ellak.gr and BizWriter (Greek). Top keywords are greek, ubuntu and cyprus.

We maintain this planet in an open fashion; see the Planet-ELLAK Google Group, for past discussions, and information on getting your blog/community listed on planet.ellak.gr.

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