The Junicode Greek Project

Specimen of Wilson's Greek Type

What’s Junicode? Well,

Junicode (short for Junius-Unicode) is a Unicode font for medievalists. The current version is a beta; the selection of characters and the arrangement of the Private Use Area are subject to change. Your comments, suggestions and bug reports will be a great help to me as I complete the project.


If you look at the font coverage of Junicode, you will notice that Greek is missing. There is a new project to add Greek support in Junicode, and the font designer asks for feedback from Greek-speaking users,

You can help with this project, if you know Greek better than I do, by providing feedback. Some questions that occur to me:

  • Wilson’s font does not have the k-style kappa. Should I include this, or just use the x-style kappa?
  • The shapes of zeta, rho, phi and perhaps others differ markedly from what one usually sees in modern Greek fonts. Should these be modernized, or will they do as-is?

I welcome any and all suggestions. Please write to the address below.

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The new (experimental) Greek glyphs look like

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