Greek OLPC localisation status

The Greek OLPC localisation effort is ongoing and here is a report of the current status.

For discussions, reading discussion archives and commenting, please see the Greek OLPC Discussion Group.

We are localising two components, the UI (User Interface) and applications of the OLPC, and the main website at

The UI is currently being translated at the OLPC Wiki, at OLPC_Greece/Translation. At this page you can see the currently available packages, what is pending and which is the page that you also can help translate.

At this stage we need people with skills in music terminology to help out with the localisation of TamTam. In addition, there are more translations that need review and comments before they are sent upstream.

Moreover, if you find a typo and a better suggestion for a term in the submitted translations, feel free to tell us at the Greek OLPC Discussion Group.

The other project we are working on is the localisation of the Greek version of The pages are not 100% translated yet, so if you want to finish the difficult parts, see the Web translation page of

The translators that helped up to now have done an amazing job.

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