Explorer Destroyer for your WordPress blog (website, actually)

Explorer Destroyer is an interesting addition to your WordPress blog; when an Internet Explorer visitor arrives to your Website and they use Internet Explorer, they are advised to switch to Firefox.

It can be easily added to your WordPress blog by following the instructions in the download file. There are three levels of encouragement for your IE visitors, ranging from a polite notification to disallowing all access. Of course, the REFERER User-Agent string can easily spoofed by using the User Agent extension (oh, wait, that’s for Firefox). Anyway, it should be possible with IE.
A certain IT news site jokingly mentioned that this action may constitute t3rr0r1sm in certain countries (covers my back) as it incites violence.
To sugar the deal, one can add their AdSense ID so that they get a tiny bit from their effort.

Installing Explorer Destroyer simply requires to locate and change the opening BODY element with this (English), this (Greek UTF-8) or this (Greek 8859-7) (they add the BODY element again along with some JavaScript).
If you use the code as it is above, you shamelessly support my ad account. Mmm, rather I shamelessly ask you to add my adsense, you selflessly support my account. That’s another view.

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  1. Maybe you mean the User-Agent string and not the Referer one. That’s what you spoof when you want to pretend you are using another client.

    • Simos on May 2, 2006 at 18:03

    Thanks, just corrected it.

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