CustomiseGoogle Firefox Extension

When browsing one can find very useful extensions for Firefox. Such an extension is CustomiseGoogle, which allows the easy customisation of your Google services with options such as adding search results from other search engines. The most interesting uses however are for privacy and usability. When you install, go through the options so that you really activate the useful options (they are not on by default). Technically, CustomiseGoogle is like a specialised version of GreaseMonkey.
With CustomiseGoogle you can

  • use by default Google Suggest in the search box
  • use by default secure (SSL/TLS) Gmail and Calendar
  • remove ads
  • anonymise your Google ID (that’s the cookie when using Google search, other services are unaffected)
  • add a result counter in the search results (results are a numbered list)
  • add links to the WayBack Machine (see historical versions of the search results)
  • and more

Customise Google has not been translated yet to Greek.

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