Google Street View enters Europe

Google Street View has entered Europe. The Wikipedia article has up to date information on the countries covered already (France, Italy, Spain). In addition, there is information of the countries that will get covered in the future.

Google Street View (Europe)

The colored areas are the areas that Google Street View data is available. These areas appear when you drag the yellow doll from the zoom area at the left, and you hover it over the map.

Apparently, the privacy concerns did not stop Street View from entering Europe. The faces of the people and the car number plates are blurred in most cases. If you search a bit, it is possible to find cases that a traffic plate or face have not been blurred (example, example).

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  1. Ισχύει πως πέρασε και από την Ελλάδα ένα μηχανάκι της google πριν μερικές μέρες? το διάβασα στο, αλλά δεν έχει επιβεβαιωθεί ακόμη!

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