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Update 2010: Link to .jar file (if you want to install using phone cable or Bluetooth):

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Google started offering a new service for GMail users; you can download a J2ME application to your mobile phone and start browsing your mails. You do not need to connect through the web interface.
You can install the J2ME applicaiton by visiting (through your phone’s browser) the URL This page will automatically detect which phone you are using (from the User-Agent string) and redirect to the correct .jad file so that the installation can take place.
If you want to install the J2ME application the traditional way, you can go directly to the URL (Of course, this URL is for a specific bunch of Nokia phones).
Quite strangely, the application gives me the error java.lang.IllegalStateException: Cause unknown, which does not help a lot.
Did anyone manage to install the thing?

Update (26Nov06): I managed to get the applet to work on my phone. Apparently my first mobile operator uses a strange proxy configuration that alters downloaded files (???).

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  1. I visited the URL you gave and i installed the application. I had no problem with the installation (though I don’t know whether I should have installed the application since it was for US/Canada). Anyway, i cannot access my inbox because it requires a data connection -which, obviously, I don’t have.

  2. I believe you have not enabled GPRS on your SIM so that a data connection can be established.
    Do you have GPRS enabled?

  3. Hum,… I don’t really know. 🙂

    However, on my mobile’s screen there’s an icon -all the time- that symbolizes GPRS -anyway, I don’t know whether GPRS is active or how I can activate it. Btw, I have a Motorola V3. Any help, anyone?

  4. I now managed to install the J2ME application.
    The problem was probably with my mobile phone operator’s GPRS configuration; they use a proxy server that rewrites all pages you visit adding an annoying footer.

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