Downloaded Fedora Core 6 DVD :)

I finished downloading Fedora Core 6 using the Bittorrent protocol in about two days. The download speed was 90Kbps (1Mbps downstream link).

It is interesting to note that quite often, downloading files with Bittorrent does not yield good speeds. One reason could be the traffic shaping that the ISP may implement (not common). Another reason is the operating system places a limit on the number of concurrent half-open connections. This is especially true when there are 2000+ users in the swarm and the download speed is stuck to 0. For example, Windows XP SP2 sets the limit to 10, which makes it slow for your torrent client to pick up the fastest download buddies in the swarm. In other cases, the modem may not be capable to handle several concurrent connections and drops the link.

Are there any other problems?

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