Summary of @DellCarePRO Ubuntu Basics Webinar (Feb 2017)

Last week there was a webinar from @DellCarePRO titled Ubuntu Basic Webinar.

Today the webinar video Ubuntu Basics Webinar has been posted online, and here is the summary.


Ubuntu Certified hardware page


If your Dell laptop comes with Ubuntu, you can get the installation ISO (Recovery Image) from

Ubuntu installation as dual-boot

Installing Ubuntu.

Installing Ubuntu.


Ubuntu installed.

Ubuntu installed.

Explaining: The Menu Bar


Explaining: Dash


Explaining: Ubuntu Software Center


Explaining: Keyboard shortcuts


Explaining: Software and Updates


Explaining: Multiple Monitor configuration

Talk by Barton George

Presenting Barton George and Project Sputnik. Barton George headed an internal effort in Dell to get Ubuntu on a high-end laptop, with a budget of just $40,000 and six months to deliver.


Funding came from the Dell Innovation Fund, with the aim to establish if an Ubuntu laptop would work.


Contrary to other efforts, this one was for a high-end offering. It would involve the community and get feedback from the community in order to change perceptions.


Very well-received. arstechnica, o’reilly radar, techcrunch, The Wall Street Journal.


Positive feedback from the twitter-sphere.


Expansion from the initial XPS 13 with Ubuntu, to a new 6th gen Intel laptop along with a whole line of Latitude Ubuntu laptops. And an All-in-One Ubuntu desktop.

There was emphasis that the initial fund of $40,000 to investigate whether an Ubuntu laptop would be a viable product, delivered multiple times the profits to Dell.

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  1. At the end of the webinar there was a quick survey on “how the webinar was” and “what would you like to cover in future” . I’m assuming other similar webinars will follow.

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