20th Anniversary of Linux T-shirt Design Finalists – Vote now!

We are approaching 20 years of Linux since Linus started work on the Linux kernel.

The Linux Foundation, with Linux.com, are running a contest for a t-shirt design. The t-shirt will be used to commemorate the 20 years of Linux in our lives.

The Linux kernel can be found anywhere, on servers, mobile phones (such as Android), TVs (from Samsung, LG, Sony, Toshiba, Philips and many more), ADSL routers, Top500 supercomputers (over 90%).

It is because the Linux kernel is copyleft, if distribute work based on the Linux kernel, you need to make available those source code changes. Being copyleft, the Linux kernel is a single huge project that still stands as one. And allows everyone to work on it and innovate (see the Android CyanogenMod, Samsung SamyGo and LG LG-Open links above).

Linux. Everywhere.

Linux. Everywhere.

One of the finalists in this competition is George Boukeas, with the above entry “Linux. Everywhere.

George is a member of the Ubuntu-gr community, and also contributed to GNOME.gr by working on the translation of Inkscape into Greek.

In any case, when it comes to voting, vote what you believe is best. Click to vote for the 20th Anniversary of Linux T-Shift Design Competition.

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