GNOME Marketing in Greece

Something that the Greek GNOME community has been missing was a good marketing effort to promote GNOME in Greece, both at local FLOSS conferences and online on the Twitters and Facebooks.

Efstathios Iosifidis came in to fill this marketing void. He is currently an active member of the Greek OpenSUSE team and helps with GNOME.

Among the first tasks was to apply for an allocation of GNOME 3 LiveDVDs, from the set of 10.000 disks that OpenSUSE donated to the GNOME Foundation. Vincent Untz has been extremely helpful and sent Efstathios four packs (400 DVD disks) and also about a dozen of GNOME t-shirts.

The first event we participated as Greek GNOME Community was FOSSCOMM, an annual two-day FOSS conference for the Greek free and open-source communities. About 450 people attended, and we had both a presentation and a booth.

Greek GNOME Presentation slides

Click image for Greek GNOME Presentation slides (PDF, 4.2MB)

The presentation was about the efforts of the Greek localisation team, and the introduction of GNOME 3.

Greek GNOME Booth at FOSSCOMM 2011 conference

Efstathios at the Greek GNOME Booth at FOSSCOMM 2011 conference

At this point we did not receive yet our allocation of the LiveDVDs, but Efstathios arranged with an OpenSUSE guest speaker (from Switzerland?) to bring GNOME material for the booth.

Greek GNOME community promotion leaflet (2x2)

Greek GNOME community promotion leaflet (2x2)

Our leaflet.

GNOME Buttons, homemade

GNOME Buttons, homemade

These are locally made GNOME buttons. Apparently there is a tool to make these quite easily.

The next conference was the EL/LAK (“FOSS” in Greek) conference, which is an annual conference that has been running for almost ten years. There were several invited speakers, including Italo Vignoli from The Document Foundation (which produces LibreOffice) and Stefano Zacchiroli (Debian Project Leader).

The conference takes place in four cities in Greece over three days. We managed to represent GNOME in two cities.

Tom Tryfonidis and Kostas Koudaras

Tom Tryfonidis and Kostas Koudaras (in charge of booth) at the booth at Larisa

GNOME booth at Larisa

GNOME booth at Larisa

GNOME booth at Salonica

GNOME booth at Salonica

Efstathios and Tom are also working on the Greek GNOME community website. Apart from the social networking features, we are trying to add more content to the website, including easy programming tutorials.

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