Multimedia support in Ubuntu Linux 6.10

This is a follow-up to the article Multimedia support in Ubuntu Linux 6.06 on how to add extended multimedia support to the Ubuntu Linux distribution.

The new version of Ubuntu Linux, 7.04, has a new functionality to help add multimedia support in a seamless way; when you try to play a media file that requires a new codec, you will be asked to install it at that time. The new functionality was made available thanks to the work on the gstreamer multimedia library (bug #161922 – script to provide plugin installation info), and work with the Ubuntu distribution. It is important to note that the new version of Fedora Linux 7 has a similar mechanism of automatic multimedia support installation.

In Ubuntu 6.10, start System/Administration/Synaptic Package Manager. Under Settings/Repositories, select the universe and multiverse repositories. Click ok, then Reload to update your package cache.

Subsequently, click on Search and type in


You will get quite a few results; you can install packages found apart from those which names end with -dev (development packages, not normally required) and -dbg (debug packages, not normally required).

Finally, the w32codecs package (do a new search for this) adds support to other binary codecs that no native Linux software exists yet.

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