Google Groups: Member Invite Request Approved

When creating a Google Group, you have the option of auto-subscribing a list of e-mails. That is, the owner of the email address does not have perform the subscription task. To avoid the apparent spamming opportunity, Google Groups puts a human to review those requests. After you pasted the e-mail addresses, you press Submit and then get a text box where you can write a message to help this person decide.

While filling such a request, I made a gross mistake and I added 140 more email addresses than I should. In the text box I write with capitals, PLEASE CANCEL THIS REQUEST, MISTAKE.

Just now I got a reply, and that requst got approved. On the positive side, the auto-subscription request was thankfully converted to a notification request, so all these people received a request to join the group.

Thank you all for not complaining!


My regular blog is offline for a few days so I am using this one for now.

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