What’s the black dot?

The new SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop is quite exciting and we wait for it with anticipation.

In each of the screenshots in the above page, you will be able to notice a strange black dot. Why does this happen?

Well, the person that did the screenshots was probably a new user in the GIMP. By default, when you take a screenshot with the GIMP, you create a new window with the screendump, that is unfocused by default. To bring it in focus, you need to click on it. Now, the default tool selected when you start GIMP is the Brush tool. Therefore, if you click inside the image, it draws a big black dot. The correct way to make bring up the image window is to click on the window title.

My take is that GIMP suffers from usability issues that need to be addressed. When you work with the GIMP, you have to cycle through several windows. It is quite tiring to switch between them to bring to focus. I would be happier if some windows were set to be always on top.

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