Ubuntu 6.06 (LTS) in Greek

Ubuntu 6.06 (LTS) in Greek

Προέρχεται από τον simosx.

This is Ubuntu 6.06 (LTS), Desktop edition. You can use the installation CD as a LiveCD, and you can initiate the installation once you boot up. Really cool way to make sure that it works before installing.
Here I chose the Greek language while booting the desktop CD. The LiveCD interface has Greek translations!
What’s most interesting is that Greek now appear well for the first time in a distribution “by default”.
Thanks to the DejaVu fonts which are now available by default in Ubuntu 6.06, Greek users have an amazing experience in Linux.
I noticed that those with a widescreen display see some artefacts in the letters. This appears to be an issue with the settings and I believe it is resolved once you actually install on the hard disk.

Thanks DejaVu for the Greek support!


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