Three facts about Firefox in Greece

Firefox statistics in Greece since March 1st 2010 (BrowserChoice day)

Since the start of 2010, Firefox and Internet Explorer were more or less head to head in Greece at about 44% each.

Since the start of March 2010, Firefox increased the gains compared to Internet Explorer.

The peak half-way in the graph corresponds to the Greek Orthodox Easter vacation period.

The graph depicts the weekly browser statistics in Greece from February 2010 up to the end of May 2010.

Daily browser statistics in Greece for 2010

The daily statistics have a peculiar pattern. During weekends, the usage stats for Firefox are shot up while Internet Explorer shows a significant dip.

However, during the weekdays the stats for the two main browsers are balanced out. This pattern (which is replicated in most European countries), shows that a significant number of people at work are forced to use Internet Explorer. It is easy to identify country-wide strikes through the disruptions in this pattern.

The graph depicts the daily browser statistics in Greece for May 2010.

Browser statistics for Greece, during the first half of 2010.

Firefox increased the market share to almost 2% since the start of 2010.

At the same time, Internet Explorer lost close to 5% of market share.

Apart from Firefox, Chrome was a big benefactor of market share, increasing to almost 9%.

The graph depicts the monthly browser statistics for Greece, for the first five months of 2010.

The Greek localisation of Mozilla Firefox is maintained by Kostas Papadimas.

What is the case with other countries? Did BrowserChoice have an effect to other European countries?

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