does not work from abroad?

Quite strangely I try to connect to from abroad (UK) and I cannot. The result I get is similar to blocking someone using a firewall.
However, when connecting from inside Greece, it simply works., why does this happen?
Update (Jun 07): Apparently there is still some blocking at some times during the day.


  • nickg78

    Hello simos,

    last weeks we had some large attacks from people from UK and some other countries and this had as a result the block of specific IP ranges, that belong to foreign ISPs. Usually the people that connect to outside Greece is less than 0.5% of the total visitors, but that this small percentage cause a server load 1200% higher than the total visitors from Greece (99,5% of the visitors). It is obviously an attack.

    As soon as the attacks stop, access from the blocked IP ranges will be normal again.

  • Simos

    Sadly yes, access is forbidden now.
    I am not quite sure of the nature of the attacks that originate from abroad.
    Are they e-mail harvesters or search engine bots?

  • Simos Xenitellis

    Το πρόβλημα εκείνο ήταν πριν από δύο χρόνια. Τώρα νομίζω ότι δεν υπάρχει πρόβλημα σύνδεσης με το

  • sotos

    Mporeis na dokimaseis me to steganos na mpeis sto site? Giati vriskomai germania kai dokimazw apo dio diaforetikous upologistes kai pali den mporw na mpw. Prin apo liges meres kataferna na mpw alla mono gia liges wres

  • Simos Xenitellis

    Το ανέφερα στο διαχειριστή του (nickg78) και ελπίζω να επικοινωνήσει μαζί σου.

    (υπάρχει κάποιο πρόβλημα στο και δε μπορώ να στείλω pm. Αναζήτηση nickg78 στο διαδίκτυο και επικοινώνησε μαζί του).

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