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How to install Inkscape 0.92 (latest) as a snap in Ubuntu 16.04

Inkscape is professional open-source vector graphics editor. The latest version is 0.92. Here is a video demonstrating the new Inkscape 0.92 features. And detailed Inkscape 0.92 Release Notes. Here is how to install as the Inkscape snap on Ubuntu 16.04 (and other GNU/Linux distributions that support snaps). The snap was created by Inkscape Board member …

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How to try the new MUFFIN (“Ribbon”) toolbar of LibreOffice 5.3 in Ubuntu 16.04

LibreOffice 5.3 has several new features and one of them is the new MUFFIN toolbars. Let’s try them out. First, we installed LibreOffice 5.3 on Ubuntu using a snap and start the new version of LibreOffice Writer. By default, the new MUFFIN toolbar is not available because it is currently an experimental feature. We need …

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How to install LibreOffice 5.3 from snap on Ubuntu 16.04 (and others)

LibreOffice 5.3, installed from a snap.

Update #1: 3 Feb 2017: The new LibreOffice 5.3 has been released to the stable snap channel, which means the process of installing is quite easier. See at the end of this post for the simplified instructions, to install from fresh or switch channel from edge to stable. LibreOffice 5.3 was released a few days …

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