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Installing the Go programming language in Ubuntu

Go is a programming language and is available in most Linux distributions. Sometime Go is preinstalled, other times we need to install ourselves, or we need to update the existing version to a newer version. Go in Ubuntu 16.04 Ubuntu 16.04 comes with Go version 1.6. The package name is golang (same as their website …

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How to use lxc remote with the LXD snap

Background: LXD is a hypervisor that manages machine containers on Linux distributions. You install LXD on your Linux distribution and then you can launch machine containers into your distribution running all sort of (other) Linux distributions. You have installed the LXD snap and you are happy using it. However, you are developing LXD and you …

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Skype is now available as a snap

In this announcement, https://insights.ubuntu.com/2018/02/01/skype-now-available-as-a-snap-for-linux-users/ we find out that Skype is now available as a snap package for Linux distributions. For Ubuntu, this means that we can install from the Ubuntu Software. Other distributions that have both Gnome Software and snap package support in Gnome Software, they can install as well. Here is how it looks, …

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A closer look at the new Hetzner cloud servers, by running LXD

Hetzner just announced a new set of cloud servers at good competitive prices. Let’s try them out and run LXD! Cloud server information Here is the lineup of the new cloud servers, The cheapest is a single-core, 2GB RAM and 20GB disk Virtual Private Server, with practically unlimited traffic. This is good enough to run …

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How to migrate LXD from DEB/PPA package to Snap package

You are using LXD from a Linux distribution package and you would like to migrate your existing installation to the Snap LXD package. Let’s do the migration together! This post is not about live container migration in LXD. Live container migration is about moving a running container from one LXD server to another. If you …

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How to create a snap for timg with snapcraft on Ubuntu

In this post we are going to see how to create a snap for a utility called timg. If this is the very first time you heard about snap installation packages, see How to create your first snap. Today we learn the following items about creating snaps with snapcraft, the source of timg comes with …

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