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Localisation issues in home directory folders (xdg-user-dirs)

In new distributions such as Ubuntu 7.10 there is now support for folder names of personal data in your local language. What this means is that ~/Desktop can now be called ~/Επιφάνεια εργασίας. You also get a few more default folders, including ~/Music, ~/Documents, ~/Pictures and so on. This functionality of localised home folders has …

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(see http://www.guadec.org/schedule/warmup) At the first presentation, Quim Gil talked about GNOME marketing, what have been done, what is the goal of marketing. He showed a focused mind on important marketing tasks; it is easy to get carried away and not be effective, a mistake that happens in several projects. The next session was by Tomas …

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Firefox shortcuts in Linux on non-us keyboard layout, and Greek

You tried to use the common keyboard shortcuts in the Linux version of Firefox, with a keyboard layout other than us, and you realised they do not work. For example, Ctrl-C does not work when the Greek keyboard layout is active because Firefox receives Ctrl-Ψ (which is undefined). This is a well-known problem affecting keyboard …

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Μη δομημένα κείμενα γραφείου

Αρκετές φορές προσπαθείτε να ανοίξετε ένα αρχείο .doc, που γράψατε (ή έγραψε κάποιος) σε Microsoft Word, και διαπιστώνεται ότι δεν φαίνεται σωστά από το OpenOffice.org. Εκτός από το πρόβλημα που η Microsoft για κάποιο λόγο δεν περιγράφει δημόσια το format .DOC (οπότε όλη η προσπάθεια ανάγνωσης από το ΟΟο είναι αποτέλεσμα reverse-engineering), υπάρχει το ζήτημα …

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Blog promoting OpenOffice.org, ODF, open-standards

An interesting blog that takes you through the developments of ODF in the standardisation process is http://www.openmalaysiablog.com/. The first entry on the website is a static page; the second item is the newest entry, and so on. Recent posts talked about the OpenXML attempt for “fast-track” standardisation and how several countries dealt with this on …

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Can you read Coptic?

Coptic is the most recent phase of ancient Egyptian. It is the direct descendant of the ancient language written in Egyptian hieroglyphic, hieratic, and demotic scripts. The Coptic alphabet is a slightly modified form of the Greek alphabet, with some letters (which vary from dialect to dialect) deriving from demotic. As a living language of …

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