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How to use Sysdig and Falco with LXD containers

Sysdig (.org) is an open-source container troubleshooting tool and it works by capturing system calls and events directly from the Linux kernel. When you install Sysdig, it adds a new kernel module that it uses to collect all those system calls and events. That is, compared to other tools like strace, lsof and htop, it …

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How to install a Node.js app in a LXD container

Update #1: Added working screenshot and some instructions. Update #2: Added instructions on how to get the app to autostart through systemd. Installing a Node.js app on your desktop Linux computer is a messy affair, since you need to add a new repository and install lots of additional packages. The alternative to messing up your …

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How to run Docker in a LXD container

We are running Ubuntu 16.04 and LXD 2.18 (from the lxd-stable PPA). Let’s get Docker (docker-ce) to run in a container! General instructions on running Docker (docker.io, from the Ubuntu repositories) in an LXD container can be found at LXD 2.0: Docker in LXD [7/12].   First, let’s launch a LXD container in a way …

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Online course about LXD containers

If you want to learn about LXD, there is a good online course at LinuxAcademy (warning: referral). It is the LXC/LXD Deep Dive online course by Chad Miller. Here is a review of this LXC/LXD online course by bmullan. There is a 7-day unlimited trial on LinuxAcademy, then $29 per month (bank card or Paypal). …

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How to set up LXD on Packet.net (baremetal servers)

Packet.net has premium baremetal servers that start at $36.50 per month for a quad-core Atom C2550 with 8GB RAM and 80GB SSD, on a 1Gbps Internet connection. On the other end of the scale, there is an option for a 24-core (two Intel CPUs) system with 256GB RAM and a total of 2.8TB SSD disk …

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How to use Ubuntu and LXD on Alibaba Cloud

Alibaba Cloud is like Amazon Web Services as they offer quite similar cloud services. They are part of the Alibaba Group, a huge Chinese conglomerate. For example, the retailer component of the Alibaba Group is now bigger than Walmart. Here, we try out the cloud services. The main reason to select Alibaba Cloud is to …

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