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1st working model (OLPC)

1st working model (OLPC) Προέρχεται από τον Pete Barr-Watson. Το έργο OLPC είναι σημαντικό διότι δημιουργεί νέα γενική τεχνολογία για φορητό υπολογιστή χαμηλού κόστους όπου κάθε χώρα μπορεί να πάρει (και αν χρειάζεται, να το μεταφράσει στη γλώσσα του) και να διαθέσει στους πολίτες του. Υπάρχει τέτοιο έργο για την Ελλάδα, δείτε http://wiki.laptop.org/index.php/OLPC_Greece Ο εξελληνισμός …

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.eu domain

Today is a special day for Internet domain specialists. Specifically, the .eu domain is on sale for all citizens and companies of the EU. EURid is the focal point for the whole process. You can find a list of accredited registrars for the .eu domain, the current registration status of .eu domains, a guide on …

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Taxis and security

It is quite encouraging that citizens taxed in Greece are able to file their tax reports through the Web, at the Taxis Website. Sadly, it has been reported that standard-compliant Web browsers are not supported by the Taxis Website. If you are affected, do complain about it! If you file taxes and you are affected, …

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February stats (Planet FLOSS Cyprus/Greece)

February has been a good month for Planet FOSS Cyprus/Greece. Over 2100 unique visitors visited, producing over 18000 page hits and taking up 3.2GB of bandwidth. Most of the visitors arrive early in the afternoon with some big peaks between 15:00 and 18:00. The majority of the visitors come from Greece (around 50%)  while a …

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Greek layout code in Xorg

The current X.org source uses gr instead of el for the Greek layout. The change took place 19 months ago, according to http://cvs.freedesktop.org/xlibs/xkbdesc/symbols/gr?view=log in an attempt to introduce consistency in the layout names. There is currently a discussion at Simossimos.info

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A tale of Feta cheese

In the European Union, Feta cheese comes only from Greece. That was the ruling from the European Court of Justice. Feta has a Protected Designation of Origin. Still, outside the European Union, cheese-like products can still be called feta. Learn more about feta at Wikipedia. Simossimos.info

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