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OOXML voting process and controversy

By the end of this month, the ITC 1/SC 34 Technical Committee (ISO) will be voting on whether to accept or not OOXML as an ISO standard. The voting countries (Participating countries) are   Brazil (ABNT) Bulgaria (BDS) China (SAC) Colombia (ICONTEC) Cyprus (CYS) Czech Republic (CNI) Côte-d’Ivoire (CODINORM) Denmark (DS) Finland (SFS) France (AFNOR) …

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I am writing this in the morning of the second day (posted at the end of the second day). Just had breakfast and there is a bit of time before making it to the conference venue. Yesterday Sunday, was the first of the two days of warm-up for the GUADEC conference. At 11am the registration …

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What’s wrong with health care systems?

It is generally quite easy to create a blog using one of those online services such as Blogspot. In fact many people create a blog and after a couple of posts they lose interest and neglect to update it. There is a blog I would like to draw your attention to, http://fakellaki.blogspot.com/. This blog was …

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Techteam.gr does not work from abroad?

Quite strangely I try to connect to http://www.techteam.gr/ from abroad (UK) and I cannot. The result I get is similar to blocking someone using a firewall. However, when connecting from inside Greece, it simply works. Techteam.gr, why does this happen? Update (Jun 07): Apparently there is still some blocking at some times during the day. …

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The OLPC and Greek

(oh, I am writing this through a lousy Net connection; thanks Engelados) I tried out the latest OLPC image, specifically build 218, on Qemu and my aim was to get Greek support configured, if it was not there already. The OLPC does not currently come with a good set of Greek fonts; you will need …

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Επίπεδο στάθμης της θάλασσας στην Ελλάδα

Sea level rise data at Piraeus, Greece Ο συνδυασμός των Google Maps και υψομετρικών δεδομένων από τη NASA βοηθούν στη δημιουργία του http://flood.firetree.net/, που μπορεί να δείξει κατά πόσο θα καλυφθούν οι παράκτιες περιοχές από τη θάλασσα όταν το επίπεδο της θάλασσας αυξηθεί. Η προσομοίωση μπορεί να δείξει μέχρι 14 μέτρα αύξηση στο επίπεδο της …

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