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The Google Highly Open Participation Contest

One more initiative by Google to reach out to the community and promote free and open-source software is the The Google Highly Open Participation Contest 2007/2008. The purpose of the competition is to enable young students older than 13 years old but have not entered yet the tertiary education, to participate in open-source development. To …

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Localisation issues in home directory folders (xdg-user-dirs)

In new distributions such as Ubuntu 7.10 there is now support for folder names of personal data in your local language. What this means is that ~/Desktop can now be called ~/Επιφάνεια εργασίας. You also get a few more default folders, including ~/Music, ~/Documents, ~/Pictures and so on. This functionality of localised home folders has …

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Important MO file optimisation for en_* locales, and partly others

During GUADEC, Tomas Frydrych gave a talk on exmap-console, a cut-down version of exmap that can work well on mobile devices. During the presentation, Tomas showed how to use the tool to find the culprits in memory (ab)use on the GNOME desktop. One issue that came up was that the MO files taking up space …

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(see http://www.guadec.org/schedule/warmup) At the first presentation, Quim Gil talked about GNOME marketing, what have been done, what is the goal of marketing. He showed a focused mind on important marketing tasks; it is easy to get carried away and not be effective, a mistake that happens in several projects. The next session was by Tomas …

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I am writing this in the morning of the second day (posted at the end of the second day). Just had breakfast and there is a bit of time before making it to the conference venue. Yesterday Sunday, was the first of the two days of warm-up for the GUADEC conference. At 11am the registration …

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Retro: Getting the Ubuntu 7.04 CD

Το Ubuntu 7.04 ανακοινώθηκε πριν από 2 εβδομάδες, ημέρα Πέμπτη. Εκείνο το διάστημα δεν είχα καλή σύνδεση με το διαδίκτυο. Την επόμενη μέρα υπήρχε μια συνάντηση στο τοπικό LUG (μίλησε ο VP του τμήματος της IBM για τα ανοικτά πρότυπα) οπότε κανόνισα να φέρει κάποιος ένα αντίγραφο. Στην συνάντηση αυτή ξέχασα να ζητήσω το αντίγραφό …

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