“Proposal for additional QA and localisation time on Dapper”

Mark Shuttleworth sent an e-mail titled Proposal for additional QA and localisation time on Dapper to request a six-week delay for the release of the next version of Ubuntu Linux.

meeting on Tuesday 14th March – once at 09:00 UTC (for the Aussies and Asian communities) and then again at 18:00 UTC (for Europe and the Americas). The meetings will be in #ubuntu-meeting on irc.freenode.net.

That is at 11:00am and 20:00pm local Greek time respectively. Try to make it on IRC this Tuesday!

If the delay for the release of Ubuntu 6.04 (now 6.05?) passes, it would create a perfect opportunity to make sure that Ubuntu 6.04 will work out of the box for the Greek users.

Therefore, please install Ubuntu Dapper (Flight 5 is currently the latest) and check to see if it works out of the box for tasks that relate to the Greek language. To search for existing bug reports or file new ones, use Launchpad. You can register and setup your account which will help you to follow bug reports for the Greek language. There are groups that you may join to, Ubuntu Greek Testers, Ubuntu Greek Users and Ubuntu Greek Translators. In addition, there is a mailing list with a vibrant community to help fix problems in Ubuntu for the Greek language, Ubuntu Greek mailing list. Join up and see the list archives for the discussions that took place.

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