Mentoring facility available in Launchpad, Ubuntu

Is there a bug report in (Ubuntu) that you are confident you can help someone to fix but do not have the time to fix yourself?
Now Launchpad provides the facility for contributors to offer mentoring support to bug reports and blueprints, so that users can apply and receive mentoring. With mentoring you help someone else solve a problem. Ubuntu is benefited, and also the new user gets help in resolving bugs.

For the Greek language there is an Ubuntu team called Ubuntu Greek Testers. Users interested for the Greek language in Ubuntu can subscribe to team. Then, for any bug report that relates to the Greek language support, we subscribe the team as a member. The system is configured in such a way so that any activity on those bug reports is mailed to each member. This makes it easy to track the status of reports.

You can see the current list of pending reports for the Greek language in Ubuntu.

One of the bug reports is about the Broken context-sensitive spell check in evolution (Greek, Russian, etc) GNOME #344008.
This report has been there for around 2 years and it should be fixed soon. I am not sure what the best course of action should be. Well, the typical course of action would be to compile GNOME manually (jhbuild), locate the code in Evolution that deals with gnome-spell and put printf()s that show what’s going on when this part of the code is reached. Any takers?

Update: Just offered mentorship for 🙂 I understand the direction to work on but do not know what exactly is going on.

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