February stats (Planet FLOSS Cyprus/Greece)

February has been a good month for Planet FOSS Cyprus/Greece.

Over 2100 unique visitors visited, producing over 18000 page hits and taking up 3.2GB of bandwidth.
Most of the visitors arrive early in the afternoon with some big peaks between 15:00 and 18:00.

The majority of the visitors come from Greece (around 50%)  while a good proportion visits from Cyprus.

This month’s unique domain name captured in the stats is an .aero domain.

The top two search engine bots were GoogleBot and the one from Inktomi.

165 visitors arrived to the page about setting up the keyboard in GNOME, though only 117 had Flash installed :). There is a mirror now at GNOME.gr.

Still there are visitors that view the old Hoary tutorials to get Greek support. Most of these hacks have been fixed in Ubuntu, so they the tutorials are not very valid anymore. I added some comments on the pages on this.

Windows users account to half of the visitors. Linux users are the remaining one third. I think I can also see Giorgos Keramidas visiting with FreeBSD. There is a person connecting with his/her Solaris box and some credits were spent on a Symbian-powered mobile phone too.

The lizard is reinging with over 60%; the IE share is a mere 19%. A Motorola and a Nokia phone were detected, as well as a phone/PDA that uses the WebCollage browser (?).

Biggest referers have been http://bizwriter.blogspot.com and http://www.ellak.gr.

Among the strange search engine strings given to come here, I encountered μαμά μην τρέχεις κύπρος (mum, don’t drive fast), freefont mazda and τροχοσπιτα (caravans).

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  1. Haha! If the FreeBSD user is only one, then I guess you’re right 🙂

    Thanks to Giannis Beredimas, who pointed me to this post, I had a much needed laugh.

  2. For geek humour, look also into

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