Delicious Firefox extension

Delicious Firefox extension

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If you are in social bookmarking and, you cannot miss to use a Firefox extension to post your favourite pages. There are two Firefox extensions, the one I like is

I tried the more popular some time ago, however I was not impressed on how it worked. It is so visible with its own buttons and menu on the screen. I believe it has evolved and it appears in screenshots section that it covers the same functionality. BuBlog uses this extension.
With, when you are at the page you want to bookmark, you hit Alt-Shift-S (you can change this in the extension’s options, I changed to Ctrl-Shift-S) and this dialog box appears so that you can easily fill in the fields. Pure usability.

Before hitting Ctrl-Shift-S, you can also select a few representative sentences of the page, sentences that will be used as notes for your del.ici.ous entry. It is much easier in the future to come back and check the notes of the several hundred bookmarks.
Have a look at my social bookmarks.
There is a WordPress extension that enables you to get your latest bookmarks appear on your blog at the sidebar. See my blog.

Moreover, now supports private bookmarks, that is, the ability to designate a bookmark not to be shared with others. The Firefox extension allows you to tick on option if you want your bookmark not to be public.

Finally, we mentioned in a previous post.

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    • Mike on May 20, 2006 at 10:31

    If you are ready to play with a more powerful bookmarking engine, check out I think you might like it! 🙂

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