Dear VideoLAN users

Dear VideoLAN users,

The VideoLAN team is happy to announce the first beta version of VLC
0.8.4 (Note: 0.8.3 was skipped because it’s technical improvements were
too little)

Highlights from improvements include:
* Mac OS X interface:
– new dialogs (wizard, extended controls, bookmarks)
– drag and drop in playlist
* wxWidgets interface (default Windows / Linux interface):
– renamed from wxWindows
– VLC update checker (?)
* Skins interface:
– Partial support for tree playlist
* HTTP interface:
– CGI handling, you can now use external programs from VLC’s web
(like PHP for instance)
– Much richer controls
* Linux binary codecs loader. Now able to read WMV3 under Linux.
* UPnP service discovery
* Bonjour (Apple zeroconf protocol) service discovery
* Shoutcast output module to forward streams to icecast servers
* Internal strings handling is now UTF-8 based
* ActiveX plugin should now work outside IE as well
* New languages: Korean and Romanian
* Loads of bug fixes

You can get a complete list by reading the release notes:

Binary packages are already available for Windows and MacOS X. You can
download those and the source code as well on:

Remember that this is a beta version. Please test it heavily and report
bugs. Known bugs are registered in the trac database:

This beta release’s forum topic is located here:

For the VideoLAN team,

— dionoea Antoine Cellerier

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